How can I transfer a domain into my account

Before initiating the transfer of a non-UK domain (e.g. .COM / .NET / .ORG) you will need to ensure that it has been unlocked by your current provider. Please check with them if you are unsure.

To transfer a domain name to us, please login to your client area at and select "Register/transfer a domain"

Next, enter the domain name then click Transfer.  

For domain names these rely on an IPS tag.

The IPS tag is managed by the existing domain name provider. 

Once the transfer request is processed and the order completed on our website, please contact the current domain name provider and ask they update the domain's tag to use ours, which is: KRYSTAL

For all other domains you need to ask your current domain provider to provide you with an EPP or authorisation code. This is a random string of characters which, once received, please keep safe.

Once the transfer has been initiated with us, we will issue you with an e-mail to the e-mail address your domain holds on file.

The e-mail will request the EPP (authorisation code). Simply follow the instructions in the e-mail and provide the code.  This will approve the transfer.

.UK domain names take typically 24 hours to transfer to us. 

All other domains might take up to a week, depending on how fast your old provider is to process the request.

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